Touch can help a baby grow & prosper. 

Just look at how babies can sleep on a parent’s chest with no problem, yet cry as soon as you put them into a crib,” said Ari Brown, M.D., a pediatrician and author.

Not only is it comforting and soothing but it can even promote physical growth and development. Skin-to-skin contact can help infants sleep longer, more restfully and breastfeed better.

Touch reminds babies of the warm sheltered environment (the mommy’s womb) that the baby was immersed in for about 9 months. Human touch and interaction with the baby can help prevent the child from acting withdrawn or reserved later on in life. And no, you can’t spoil a newborn by touching him too much. Don’t you want to help your baby grow up to be a more outgoing and sociable person? 🙂

If your baby doesn’t seem to like to be touched, it doesn’t hurt just to make sure everything is a-okay at the pediatrician’s office. NO, this of course does not mean that every baby who does not like to be touched has some sort of an illness. We’re just taking precautionary measures.

Reading and talking to your baby starting from birth can help your baby develop the skills necessary for speech and communication. Until the baby is about 4-6 months old, the sounds the baby has made may mostly have included crying and laughing. A 3-4 month old baby can make growling sounds and blow raspberries (most likely when they’re happy) 😀

A 6 month old baby can make consonant sounds that people recognize. These are the sounds like “d-d-d-d-d” and “m-m-m-m,” cute babbling.

Some quick tips:

1. Massage: Babies love to be massaged. This is a great way to connect with your newborn. Take whatever oil/cream your pediatrician recommends and massage your baby. Start with the arms down to the hands, each leg down to the toes, their chest and belly. As you do this you can talk to your baby, sing or just coo. You will see, both mother and baby will love this interaction.

2. Carry your baby in a front baby carrier. We especially love the Ergo baby carrier for comfort, ease and the way the babies legs and hips go around you. You will see your baby will love being close to Mom and Dad this way by hearing your heart beat and feeling your warmth. This is also a great way for Dad  to bond with your baby.

3. Bath time is always a fun time to interact and touch your baby.

4. Reading to your baby or singing and playing little games like this little piggy. Babies love your voice, your face, your hands, smile….have fun with your new little one.

5. Dancing with your baby in your arms is nice way to have fun and hold them.

6. Quiet time, nursing, rest time for mom as well is a good time to turn on some soothing music, look at your baby, touch them and connect.

What do you like to do with your baby to interact, touch, and connect with them? Please share 🙂